About Us

Barefoot luxury at its finest

With its unique energy, beautiful unspoilt beaches, bountiful marine life and magnificent rock formations, Paternoster was the place where the Strandlopers – an indigenous Khoi Khoi group – chose to settle thousands of years ago. The Strandlopers (Afrikaans for “beach walker”) lived by hunting and gathering along various coastal regions of South-western Africa. In fact, existence of seashell middens dating back some 4000 years is evidence of a hunter-gatherer-fisher settlement in the area, where they lived on seals, shellfish and marine birds.

The quaint coastal village of Paternoster, as we now know it, was officially founded in 1863. It is one of the oldest fishing villages in South Africa, and life remains closely connected to the sea. The word Paternoster means ‘Our Father’ in Latin. Legend has it that the village got its name from prayers said by shipwrecked Catholic Portuguese sailors, giving thanks for making it to shore safely. Others believe the name refers to the beads that the Khoi Khoi wore, also called paternosters. Limestone, which exists in abundance in the area, was used to build all buildings in the village. This has resulted in the distinctive “Paternoster” architectural style of white-washed houses seen throughout the village.

Our History

Driven by the desire to preserve the historically-rich, secluded strip of coast that is Paternoster, Strandloper Ocean Boutique Hotel was established by owners Deon Brand and Simone Jacke in December 2011. Surrounded by unspoiled, indigenous nature with the ocean on your doorstep, the hotel is situated in one of the most secluded spots in Paternoster, vibrating an amazing energy for the traveller in search of tranquility and relaxation.

Our simple approach at the Strandloper Ocean Boutique Hotel is easy barefoot luxury, where one can be oneself and establish balance in one’s life by reconnecting with nature.

The property is a fusion of beach style and contemporary, barefoot luxury set against the wild beauty of indigenous gardens and the wide, white beaches of the quaint West Coast fishing village. Fourteen rooms and suites each have their own terrace or courtyard where uncluttered beach style compliments nature with breathtaking views across the beach, fynbos and beyond.

Our Team / Social Entrepreneurship

The team at the Strandloper Ocean Boutique Hotel is a true reflection of our beautiful rainbow nation. Whilst we are very proud to employ such a multi-cultural team, at the same time, we strive to support the social upliftment of the local Paternoster community by discovering talent and offering them suitable job opportunities. It gives us great pleasure to assist them in unlocking their true potential and we are very proud to see many of our local team members growing from strength to strength by gaining more experience and skills.