Discover the many secrets of our West Coast paradise

First and foremost, we want guests to experience the ultimate luxury – the art of doing nothing.  To ground themselves again and to take the time to simply be.  To be reminded about what is really important in life.  For them to be immersed in a feeling of tranquillity.  To really take time to drink in the breathtaking, raw beauty of our piece of West Coast paradise and to enjoy it as much as we do.  For the more adventurous among us there are plenty of activities too.

It is about offering our guests a full and authentic experience of our beautiful coast; experiences we hope will live in their memories long after they leave and that will encourage them to return for more.

Explore By Bicycle

Saddle up and explore the beautiful surrounds of our hotel, with a light breeze and the gentle whispers of the waves. Cycle through our charming town and discover the historic centre, enjoy little shops and eateries in town.

Signature Activities

Guided Coastal Bush Hike

Level: Moderate to challenging
Time: 2 hrs

Experience our unique fauna and flora. Immerse yourself in our spectacular scenery of sea birds, seals, dolphins, whales (seasonal from October to November).

Horseback Beach Ride

Level: Beginner to advanced
Time: 1 to 2 hrs

Enjoy a guided horseback ride along our pristine beaches. A thrilling way to harness the majestic ocean and picturesque scenery by splashing through the tides.

River Boat Bird Safari & Photography

Level: All levels
Time: 3 hrs

This bird safari allows you to experience the creative power of photography. The excursion is hosted by a National Geographic photographer and environmental educator.

We will arrange your transport to the beautiful and abundant Berg River, you will travel approximately 40 minutes to reach the location. We frequently record up to 45 different bird species whilst on the river. Guests are fortunate to regularly spot Greater and Lesser Flamingo, Great White Pelican, Pied Kingfisher, Black-winged Stilt, and Black-crowned Night Heron on the water, to name but a few.

Beach Picnic

Enjoy a unique, alfresco food experience with a picnic hamper on the beach. Kindly book at least 24 hours in advance.

Adventure Activities


Level: All levels
Time: 60 mins

Enjoy kayaking with an experienced guide with double, sit on top, Epic kayaks. All safety gear and paddles are supplied. Trips are weather dependant and leave early morning - the best time to enjoy the Cape West Coast. Launch point is from the Paternoster Waterfront.

Guided Beach Buggy Dunes tour

Level: All levels
Time: 1 hr

Experience this fun ride with an experienced guide and driver. The drive takes you along the coast through thick sand and dunes. You may stop to watch playful dolphins or whales in the ocean, or pass a Duiker (little antelope), Steenbok while you can listen to the beautiful songs of our many bird species calling this landscape their home. You might even be stopped by a tortoise.