Social Responsibility

Our partnership with West Coast Kids

Our social responsibility initiatives focus exclusively on supporting the local community in Paternoster. In partnership with the local non-profit organization, West Coast Kids, the Strandloper family volunteers and funds much needed projects for Paternoster’s children through our Social Responsibility. West Coast Kids focuses on the community’s children whose futures shine the least. This is an active and ongoing involvement for the betterment of the entire community and our joint aim, together with Paternoster’s community, is to bring light to their futures. This non-profit supports children through mental and physical health, education, character development and other projects thus enabling the children of the West Coast to be proud ambassadors for the magnificent area they call home. We sincerely hope that you will support them too by helping us to do so.

In addition, we are also proud supporters of Lexi Gives Back – a local non-profit animal welfare organization whose intention it is to work with the community as they wish community members to get involved and take an active role in creating opportunities and help for their pets. Their philosophy is to transform the value given to animals – to educate and demonstrate that these sentient beings are deserving of shelter, food, water and care. Through volunteering and funding the Strandloper Ocean family supports Paternoster’s dogs and cats through feeding, sterilization and vaccination thus helping Paternoster’s four-legged residents spreading their joy.